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I had a credit account which was sold to Midland Credit Management. I was called by a "Ms. Miller", account manager, to set up payment. I told her that I was making payments, but I was hospitalized, and was being charged co-payments drawn from my bank by the hospital. She said permanent deferred arrangements would be made when I could. 3 times I spoke with them, and got the same answer. The third... Read more

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to date I have 7 diff phone numbers they have used to harass me , if this is a legitimate company there is no need for 7 diff numbers , midland is just wasting time with me , I always save and block the numbers they try using and I will continue to do so until they stop or run out of numbers I do not owe them anything and I don't know why I am being harassed by them Read more

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They call us EVERY day, often multiple times. The only debts we have are paid on time mortgages on our two houses and one on time car payment. Seriously? From 8am to 9pm. Add comment

Midland Credit are crooks they false document s take you to court do send notices fire you top appear so they can get judgement in there favor for no shows. Bull ***. Add comment

This COMP. is taking old DEBT's that is not reporting even anymore on the consumer and starts reporting as if it's a new charge-off. When You call to ask a Question right away as soon as they know who is on the phone. the pull a credit report, don't care that the account is old 10 years. don't care if its a legit debt? I read all 1,300 complaints they are the worse that I saw in the past 21... Read more

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Midland can never provide proper validation of any collection! They even respond with letters in spanish but continue to just send robot letters out instead of validation of an account requested! This is ridiculous and how do credit bureaus keep saying they have validated the account belongs to us?! Makes no sense! I need them to remove these accounts from my credit report and yet they still... Read more

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Midland credit called and said they brought my debt from my creditor when she told me who it was that owe I said Miss the amount is over the dollar amount by 200 hundred dollars she said I just telling you the amount we purchased it for I and explained to her I don't think I owe anything she just let me talked and then said well if your not going to pay and hung up the phone on me Read more

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They call several times a day breaking the FDCPA!!! Read more

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There charging me for things I never owed and things I either payed or they mixed my names up Add comment

We received a summons suing us for 5,000. The lawyer on the summons won't return emails or phone calls. We then tried contacting Midland Funding Company, they have not returned any of our phone calls as well. I have not resided at the address on the summons for almost 5 years and have not received anything in the mail about this situation until we received the summons about 2 months ago. I want... Read more

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