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This company calls constantly, harasses my husband at work for an account we never had. Now they called at 6am on New Years day.

They've been told several times we don't have this account but they refuse to leave us alone. Can't we do anything? If anyone has any information on how we can get rid of these people please let leave a comment. I don't even know where to complain or who to contact to get these people off our backs.

My husband is losing it and I'm afraid he's gong to lose his job of they keep harassing him at work. If anyone can help I'd be so grateful.

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Independence, Missouri, United States #1090287

They CANNOT call your husband at work. Inform them that they are breaking the law and you will sue if they don't stop immediately.

Also they cannot harass you at home. That is also against the law. You can sue them for that too. Keep a log of their phone calls to you.

You might also report them to the Better Business Bureau, you can do that online (it's easy to do)... and report them to your state's Consumer Protection Bureau, also online. Good luck!

Cliffside Park, New Jersey, United States #942150

Please review

Then contact me via email. I will forward demand letters and drafts of complaints so you can draft your own, and hopefully get them to settle with (by paying you damages) without needing to actually file the suit.

I can not hold your hand and help you draft the complaint and letter, but you CAN use ones i have used as a pattern for yours (Only an attorney can give legal advice and there is a difference between sharing pre-drafted forms and assisting someone in a legal matter)


They are not allowed to call him at work and he can sue them over that issue. Calling at home is different, and you might want to change your number or get an answering machine.

If you get an answering machine, get one that allows you to record the calls. Tell them you are recording.

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