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I looked up info for a class action lawsuit.Email me if interested.

First we need a lot of participants. Then we can go from there. My husband and I also experience the same thing. We are currently located in East California and ever have we had any contact with this company.

Then for someone to come to our house 9:15 at night talking about we are being served. It's a good thing we consider ourselves humble and not crazy. The gentleman said that he didn't know too much of anything but yet he asked if we had any questions.

What kind of sense does this make?Contact us so we can get some peace behind this.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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I am interested in filling a claim, I was sent letters for years demanding payment and I paid Midland company thousound of dollars.This is my email

I was also sent a post card from a ost card from Johnson V.Midland Class Administrator, but the mail went to another P O Box and I did not get the information on time to fill a claim.

Cairo, Illinois, United States #694000

I'm interested my e-mail is :p


Please include me


They are garnishing my wages.I responded within 30 days.

Then I went to court, but the case was taken off the docket. I sought legal aid and we sent a letter to the lawyer. Three years later, they requested another lawyer and served papers to everyone but me. I am filing paperwork with the Sheriff's Department and contacting Legal Aid.

I could have afforded it before they garnished my wages, but now, I do not know how we are going to eat.

This needs to stop.I heard the same thing is happening to another person at my place of employment.


they have been harrassing me for 2 years now for a fraudulant account, which i sent police reports in for and still nothing came of it. they call on weekends and early am near 1 am.. i want in on this.


i am interested in the class action suit on them also and this is my email address.

count me in.


They sent me a letter demanding over 2K or my life for a credit card with a company I was never affiliated with!!!!I want these people in jail!

This is an outrageous and disgusting group of fraudulent criminals!I am not going to jail or to die over money I do not owe!


Please go on the web and look up Midland Credit Management Law Suits. People being scammed by these guys have to do their homework as well!


would like to be a part of any class action lawsuit they sent me a letter too.They have sent me a letter that I owe them, I keep my old credit cards and the number they listed is not one of them.

I don't intend to use credit again but this is infuriating at the bare minimum any debt I have is 7 years ago. Constant phone harassment and weekly letters .

I asked for proof and sent them a cease and desist letter they keep on mailing and calling .If there is a class action suit i would like to join


I want to join I'm having many problems with them and just got an attorney please e-mail me

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