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Indealing with the employees of Midland Credit Management over the phone I find that they are arrogant and disrespectful towards the people they are dealing with. They do not listen but keep interupting who you are talking with them, how they manageto stay inbusiness with the attitude of their employees is beyond me,they should be reported to the Better Business Bureau for the way that they treat their clients.

They keep asking for credit card numbers even after you tell then over and over again that you don't use them. They keep harassing people with phone calls and just don't seem to care.

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I had them contact me over a delinquent debt and I tried making payment arrangements to them. I asked for the agreement to be put in writing and sent to me but before I even got the written agreement they had it in court....

after we made the agreement but before I got it in writing. They then wanted to garnish my wages and claimed that the amount I owed was different than the agreed amount.

After i tried talking to one of the reps I asked for someone who spoke clear English because I was having problems understanding him. He told me there was nobody else there who spoke English and then called me racist.

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