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Today I received a letter from MCM telling me that they had taken over some debt with Citi Bank that I have - which I do not. I do not nor have I ever done business with Citi Bank, however they claim I owe $1,817 which is a crock.... how did these people get my...
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barney stinson

same has happened to me. What happens if we dont pay up? i read of a law suit they filed against a woman

Same boat

I got the same kind of letter yesterday. I think they are fishing. Hoping we will just pay up

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I am getting calls from this company (via their reps in either India or similar country -- because of the accent). I am not that person. Either that person had my cell number earlier OR she gave my number at random. I have complained to this company before. I'm...
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Not guilty

The exact sane thing is happening to me. I am not the person they want and further more the number they are calling is a business line. The next time they call tell them tha...


they suck. if you try to call you will go to voice mail and no one will ever call you back. they are quick in taken your money out and leave you over drawn. first i was talkin...

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I have been dealing with this co., Midland Mortgage Co. for a year and they refuse to make any changes to modify the mortgage terms. Every plan they say they have, I don't qualify for whatever reason. The true reason is that they have placed the Mortgage Agreement...
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Let\'s get together and file a class action lawsuit against Midland. Does any know a reputable lawyer who can help us save our homes?


i was told the same thing i was told i was to be in a trial period for loan mod. made my three payments on time was told i would receive info in a month 3 mo. later told i di...

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I received a vm from a man with an Indian accent saying he's from "United Legal Investigation Bureau @ 646-213-1090. Google both of those and you'll see all the scam reports. 1 blogger said they cited Midland Credit Mgmt. as their source of the info. - I...
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