Denver, Colorado

I am unsure as to why Midland Credit Reporting Agency continues to report on items that have been paid for years.The original debtor has removed this item from my credit report, yet Midland CONTINUES to attempt to ruin my credit for a paid debt of nearly three years.

Does Midland continue to make money from individuals who have paid their debts? It makes me wonder if they somehow reporting agencies also benefit from continuing to list these PAID accounts? Midland also refuses to answer any certified letters, leading me to beleive that my only option is to contact the Attorney General's Office in order to have Midland explain why they will not remove a PAID ACCOUNT from a credit report? Spite?

Are they making money from this, still???

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:( I am pissed to they have this listed on my credit report and I have no ideal what the heck they are talking about when I called they said "well file a police report." This is an old debt that goes back years and has been removed by original creditor. As for the comment about being retarded , You could be the one that needs a reality check. There is a reason these people refuse to settle or take it off your report.

Calhoun, Louisiana, United States #23820

Collection agencies don't *** make money on debts if they've already been paid.Are you ***?

If there's a mistake they will eventually find out and fix it.

Why are people so hateful toward collection agencies?They exist because people are retarded and open credit cards when they don't have the means to pay them off.

Irkutsk, Irkutsk, Russian Federation #16654


You say that an attorney contacted YOU and offerred their services regarding a pending law suit that you had no prior knowledge of?

Something about this stinks. Attorneys don't contact people involved in civil collection cases like this. There is simply no money in it for them. I suspect that this "random" attorney may be working for MCM, in which case they''ve broken some serious criminal laws.

I would contact your state AG and file a fraud complaint - you might also want to contact your local police in regards to this lawyer.

I'd like to know how it all turns out for you!

Montgeron, Ile-De-France, France #15621

The same thing is happening to us right now.We paid off our debt three years ago and just got a random letter from a lawyer wanting to represent us in a lawsuit filed against us by Midland.

This was news to us because we haven't received a single piece of correspondence from Midland in over three years. We called them and they claim to have sent us numerous letters on a regular basis. That is completely untrue.

It is good to know that other people have gone through the same thing and have come out of it okay.This company is obviously perpetrating fraud on a fairly regular basis.

Ahus, Skane, Sweden #14419

I was just served papers for the second time for Midland to settle an account that was taken care of years ago, I asked them to provide original contract and nothing has been provided to me and no one will talk to me.Wondering?

Do I need to go to court for this, they are ruining my credit and I am trying to buy a home and these guys are stopping me, I am at a complete loss, help????What do I do and whats the quickest way to handle this.

Russ in Jackson Michigan
Feltham, England, United Kingdom #12731

I am going though the same stuff with these people...they call me on Sunday mornings..830 sharp every Sunday.. I have asked them to show me the Bill that I owe and they refuse to show..finally I got it out of them that the ORIGINAL Bill they don't have..They are clowns at best...And continue to prove that they are the worest of the worest..BUT there is s aloution..I found out that by law they have to show you the ORIGINAL Bill from who ever they claim you owe..if they can not...then they have to leave you alone and expunge the record from your credit file and update your credit history..I finaly went to the Attorney General in my state ( Michigan) And told them about it...And they are going to speak to them about this...This isnt the first time this has happened they claim.

This looks like a site of theres...GOOD...If your reading this..Your a dead DUCK.

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