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This company called 2-5 times a day, my place of employment and my cell phone. I have the call recorded where she is telling one of my employees about my debt and never once confirmed she was a debt collector with this company.

I will be filling as this is not in code with FDCPA. The name of the employee with this company is Christina, her phone number is 1-866-452-2381 extension 8423.

When I got on the phone I told her my name and to stop calling my place of work and cell phone she kept trying to speak over me to the point of I had to hang up.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "harassment " of midland credit management debt collection and associated monetary loss in the amount of $5000. Midland Credit Management needs to "accountability for not following all fdcpa laws to customers. and to cease all calls going forward" according to poster's claims.

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You never said if you owed the money or not. Sounds like you think you found a way out of it and maybe a little extra $$ in your pocket/purse.

Pay your notes and there will be no calls... "Oh you must work for them" It's a shame out AG's are tied up because of dead beats who if they took care of their business they wouldn't get calls...


Call 10/4/18 8:25am PST: Caller hung up w/o leaving a message. Call again 10/4/18 8:55am PST: Caller hung up before call went to voicemail. I'm on the Do Not Call List, so these spam calls violate the law.


If you call the Attorney General's office in Minnesota, they are all past familiar with Midland. It's one of their perennial problem children that is literally 'they haven't been able to shut them down yet'. They got on my case for a debt that was properly discharged over 20 years ago and it's still being bundled and sold about and these bums got ahold of it now.


Yeah, calls constantly and can hardly understand the caller due to middle eastern accent. Called the parents too and is going through the phone book calling everyone with a similar name as mine. Totally harrassing


Annoying repeat calls. No message.

Unrecognized phone number. Blocked.

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