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Called claiming we owed debt on Sears/ Citibank MC. Not a valid claim.

Wanted credit card # or SS #. Didn't give out either. Very rude and sounded like they were in the middle-east or somewhere. Did verify with Sears, acct not in arrears and to let them know this was going on in their name.

Caller ID showed unknown. From what I've read about Midland, they are a scam company trying to get info and try to ruin your credit. Shame no one can put them out of business.

Seen several lawsuits against them. They do have a website.

Product or Service Mentioned: Midland Credit Management Debt Collection.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Ft. Worth, Texas, United States #1247846

I also received a supposed to be coming from CiTi PO BOX 790040 St. Louis MO 63179-9819.

It said account ending in XXXX has been sold to "Midland Credit Management, INC.

Midland Credit Management, Inc.

P.O. BOX 13386

Roanoke VA 240333386

Phone# 866-397-4100 I contacted the Citibank they couldn't find any account ending with that number; and Citi tech support said I don't owed them any money.

This letter supposed to be coming from Citibank VISE PRESIDENT. Sincerely, G.Goldberg Vice President Citibank, N.A.

to Anonymous Valley Village, California, United States #1350877

I have received a letter as yours from citi bank and same person G.Goldberg Vice President Citibank.

I found him under LinkedIn.

In my case the amount citi bank claims was sold to

Sherman Originator III LLC

C/o Resurgent Capital @P.O.

Box 10497

Greenville SC 29603 I also found agreements with those type of " Investors" under Internet. It says that those companies will demand against the law up to 6 months to collect the money.. Why against the law?-because it is a way to violate any provision of the United States Bankruptcy Code. I am thinking that this is a way to go around the US Laws and I will discuss this with my Lawyer.

I just let you know that I found a case filed against citi bank for the same reason during 2015. I didn't spent a time to look forther who won the case. But the guy is under LinkedIn and he could accept questions why he looks around to violate the US laws.. I don't have the advanced version of the LinkedIn and I am not able to contact him, but I may contact people who knows him as he has some references..

So they will send him my question.... Will see how it will go, I will publish in Internet my experience in this case.

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