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Update by user May 01, 2016

Click on the pdf link above to see a copy of the judgment that I got against Midland in federal court. It has contact information if you want to reach me to learn more about what we do.

The correct email address is mack2001@swbell.net rather than .com. Please make note of that.

Original review posted by user Apr 30, 2016

Yes, the headline is true. Midland illegally called me on my cellphone 113 times (I told them to quit 53 times). I owe nothing to them or anybody else. I sued them WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY for each individual call because they refused to settle with me for their violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Instead of keeping them in small claims court where I filed them to keep costs minimal they removed 106 of them to federal court at a whopping $400 filing fee PER CASE ($42,400 total) where they are presently active in the Southern District of California and heading to trial later in 2016/17. I got one judgment against Midland in the first case I filed (4:14-cv-200 in the US District Court Eastern District of Texas). They settled 6 of the cases and have paid me on those.

I am NOT an attorney and have no formal legal training but I AM a consumer advocate that, along with a nationwide group of other advocates and pro se litigants, teach people how to deal with companies such as Midland (and their parent company Encore) and make them pay US for THEIR violations of OUR rights. It can and IS being done by us and our students (which we teach for free) and in most situations you do NOT need a lawyer.

It is time to take the bull by the horns and we are doing just that. Stopping their bogus collections and abuses is not enough! Making THEM pay US is the solution to stopping this abuse. Become an informed and educated consumer instead of just a pissed consumer! We know the consumer protection statutes inside out and backwards and use the federal courts to make companies such as Midland accountable for their actions and so can you! We don't just get pissed.... we get EVEN!!

Reason of review: Abusive Practices.

Monetary Loss: $178500.

Preferred solution: Settle my cases in federal court..

I didn't like: Company operates as extortionists.

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What the Texas gentleman says is 100% true. Midland is but one of the junk debt buying subsidiaries of Encore Capital Group and as such DO NOT BUY DEFAULTED ACCOUNTS.

What they buy, and that is the key word here, "BUY" is fragmented data of long defaulted accounts, many times past the statute of limitations for collection, discharged in bankruptcies, or created by identity theft or fraud and almost always without any authentication or account level documentation from the sellers. On top of that they buy from other junk debt buyers who bought from other buyers and so on until even if there ever actually was a legitimate debt that could be authenticated, the chain of title is so broken it would be impossible. They pay on average 3 cents on the dollar for these junk debts and beyond that have ZERO SKIN IN THE GAME. It is IMPOSSIBLE to OWE any debt collector any money and it is nothing short of extortion for a *** bucket outfit like a junk debt buyer to coerce you into paying them thousands of percentage points above what they paid for your personal information.

They have been sued in the thousands of times by consumers and federal agencies and paid millions in settlements and judgements. Unfortunately this mega criminal corporation views violation of the law to be a simple cost of doing business so until we the people stand up en masse as individuals to stop them, they won't.

Learning to understand the consumer protection statutes is not rocket science nor is learning the federal rules and using the courts as they were intended to be used by the people. You do not need to hire a lawyer to stand up for your rights. All you have to do is decide you are DONE BEING A VICTIM and then it's just a question of "How Bad Do You Want It"?

And by the way the credit reporting agencies are NOT THE GOOD GUYS out there protecting you and your personal info.

They are a multi-billion dollar industry operating for profit not philanthropy! Stop and think.

You don't pay them for what they do but companies like ENCORE DO!

So ask the gentleman from Texas where you can go to learn. Help us all take America back from the crooks.

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