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If you are ever contacted by these people DO NOT give them any personal information.They took me to court on some bogus bill and I WON.

They had the nerve to offer me a settlement ($1,500) which was half of what they were suing me offer and get this, they had no proof. I do not know what company you have dealt with that these bills have come up, but they usually do not have any type of proof. I paid my entire balance to First Consumers National Bank years ago and they now say that the payments were not made although they had no proof of that. The judge did not even care to hear it even after allowing them 60 days to come up with proof.

Do not let them intimidate you. In fact, there is a class-action law suit against them led by Andrea Brent in Broomfield, CO. Go to for more info and good luck. The one thing you should NEVER do is ignore the lawsuit should it go that far.

Respond to it and show up in court.

Their lawyers are are bums who try to intimidate people.Good Luck!

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I was sent letters from one of there lawyers to a point that I responded.I was threaten and I decided to respond to their court demands.

They decided to ruin my credit and send the sheriff to arrest me and put alien and garnishment of my wages. I was told I owed 6,000. but they will settle for 4,000. and If I come in they are willing to make arrangement for payment.

I spoke to them in person.

I wonder where in *** did they come up with that amount for something that ended over 10 years ago.I was a victim of credit theft.


How do they say it, please do not kill the messenger. As a former employee of one of the organizations mentioned here, I can say what I saw was unethical to the consumer, but unless you fight and stay ontop of your business, you'll end up paying in the end.

Many people here are saying they never knew they had accounts, and that maybe correct. Here is what may have happened ...."YOU" didn't have an account. But someone else may have had an account in your name and SS#. One thing I learned is that most of these quick loan/High interest credit card shops were not reporting to credit agencies, because it was an additional cost, resource, etc. So you would not have known you had an account, even if you checked your credit report. Unless you defaulted seriously, they may consider the fees to report you.

What I have told friends and family, if you believe you owe the debt, do not call the collection agency, call the organization/bank directly. The collection agency gets a % of the amount collected. Collection calls are made based upon ***, so you may receve calls multiple times a day.

What you want to do is determine who the balance was due to, contact them directly, ask when they sarted reported the credit reporting agencies, ask for prrof of opening the account (i.e. application, etc), and if you feel liek you do owe the money, negotiate with them, as in most cases, they will take some settlement. Some money is better than no money or lesser money...

I've seen where $1000 balance would be settled at $250, but it's all about how you negotiate.

If you still feel the balance is not yours, ask them for the original address and telephone number on file. In most cases, these agencies do searches for you and will them update potential addresses and/or telephone numbers. so when they catch up to you, it looks as if they had the address all along in the system. NOT!

Good Luck!

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Just served with a notice from Midland about them seizing property.They took my Wife's car that I STILL PAYING ON!!!

Not to mention that I what in on the class action lawsuit against them and when I mentioned it the Sheriff who facilitated in my car being taken was VERY surprised I had paperwork on the Class Action.Calling a lawyer as we speak!!!


i filed a police report and a judgement was filied against me by midland and this was not even my acct and amelia court house refuses to delete dismiss or verify judgement filed against me and 3 credit reporting agencies hold this info concerning a debt thats not mine.I was threatened and told i owe 1500.00 on a debt thats not mine wheres the compensation for that making my credit look aweful.


No matter what is posted against these folks, it looks like I have no choice but to repeat myself.DO NOT IGNORE THE LAWSUIT!!

You have a very good chance of winning. Their crooked lawyers are the ones who have to come up with proof that you owe this money and most likely they do not have it. Once you win the lawsuit, insist to the Judge that part of the settlement should include these bullies removing the debt from your credit report. Also, write a letter to Midland demanding that the debt be removed and to send you confirmation once it has been done.

I received a letter from them last year and it has been removed. Now, regarding the class action, I did not take part in it because I was told by the lawyer bringing the suit that Midland is not obligated to leave you alone. I chose to write to the Judge and the lawyers why a $10 settlement was unfair. After all, they ruined my credit for years and I hardly think that $10 is fair.

Those of you who are having your pay garnished, I can only recommend a lawyer to have them produce the evidence.

A friend went through the same thing with an unknownn debt and her wages were restored. I just believe that no court papers were served. That sounds illegal.

It does not have to be high-priced lawyer, just someone to confront them.Good Luck.


i got sued they never showed i won dose it get off my credit report


I went to court two years ago, and guess what Mid-land won their case, I paid them over 700.00 on a 125.00 credit card. Cant' believe that I just received information on a class action suit against them. Not sure what I should do.


Midland Credit Management sue me to and I am currently paying them how do i stop this now.


I too,am having my wages garnished by this midland credit group.I've gotten my papers from my payroll dept by mail this afternoon.

I'm surprised to hear from them, dispite that I didn't get any notice from the courts to appear in court.Now, I'm stuck on what the *** to do about this!


I am now being sued by Midland Credit, they are claimimg that I owe them money.I to was served with a summons to appear in court.

I will take to advice and just go to court.Beware of them they are truly blood suckers

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