On March 27th I paid $1811.69 with my debit card this is shown on my bank statement. I received a confirmation number that the debt was satisfied.on August 8th I got a letter stateing I still owed this debt.calling them I got nowhere.now I'm supposed to sent them my bank statement showing I paid them

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Don't do it, they just want to steal your info.

Denver, Colorado, United States #967355

Y'all are crazy this is the Biggest scam ever....they told me I owed money on a chase account which I've never had... I got a few letters tore them up..

I never called them cause I knew I didn't owe anything haven't heard from these fools in 6 years...

ITS A SCAM.... Letters like this before u call and start making payments get a Lawyer and your Credit report or your Bank will check this out...Be Wise People once you get in touch with these Scams they got You

Cliffside Park, New Jersey, United States #942205

Do not volunteer bank information. Send the cease & desist from FDCPA and a demand for any violations, along with a sample of your complaint (lawsuit)

North Bend, Washington, United States #912575

Back in 2009 I settled on my credit card for 9000 been so long I don';t have any records showing I had settled, now this place is bugging me after 6 years, wanted me to make 300.00 payments then we got it down to 50.00 but why should I pay,its already been settled,but no prove.....Why haven't they contacted me before now,6 years have gone by...Don't know what to do..

to Sparky Cliffside Park, New Jersey, United States #942207

Any payment resets the SOL clock.

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