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Becareful they will claim any old debt over 10 years and try to collect. Tell them to F**K off, they do not listen reason, and barely understand english.

I'm in NY and file many complaints, it's a know issue, but no one seems to want to do anything. Never confirm and debt or verify anything over the phone, they will try to convince you that you a debt that you never heard of.

Track the # of times you were and when and were and file a complaints with states regulators. The more people compain the better chance of something being done to these predatory companies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Midland Credit Management Debt Collection.

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Just received a call from Midland saying they were a debt collection company and they were calling about a debt from a sears credit card. I ask how they got my number which they ignored and asked more questions, i thought they were scammers so i ask how much i owed and i explained how i did not charge on my card since 2016, they said my owed amount occured back in dec.2016 of 110.11 now that amount is different than what they are wanting.

i explained that i never received any mail or calls from sears and now i am getting calls fron a collection agency. i tried to call the credit card on the back of the card and the automated teller ask for my acct.

# so i give it, then it hangs up. i have called 3 times with the same result.


Understand the procedures involved when MCM initiates a lawsuit


Couple of years back they called my sister with some way past due bill. Being that my sister is elderly they took advantage of her and she is still paying them money on a long time due bill.

They take advantage of elderly no matter what age.

Please if you have any complaints about this company do so. Maybe we can start a suit against them.

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