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Does anyone know how to stop this company from harassing people? Their phone operators are the ruding people on earth.

I have been threatened by them and don't know what to do. They kept asking me my account number - I told them I didn't have one because I didn't know why they were calling me. She kept insisting that I did. I finally told her if she would tell me what the debt was for - maybe I could help her.

She said "well, if you pay your bills we wouldn't be calling". What they don't realize is that I do pay my bills. My ex-husband opened charge cards using my name, social securty number and forged my signature on them - ran off and charged his way to crack using cash advances and they don't care.

I told them I have a supreme court judge's decision that I am not responsible - she didn't want to hear it - she said that is between you and your ex-husband. Then she hung up on me!

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Don't look online for "wannabe" attorney information. The truth is, it depends on your situation.

Legally, a verbal dispute over the phone doesn't mean much. You need to write in, stating that you no longer wish for them to contact you. Once you do this, they will put a CND on your account (ceast and desist). They will no longer contact you, problem is you still owe the debt and it will be on your credit report.

It will remain on your credit report for 7 years after the charge off date (date the issuer charged it off and sold it to mcm). After that 7 years it will be wiped off your credit report. MCM can sue you to recover the money owed for a certain number of years, (depends on state's statue of limitations). After that, mcm still owes the debt but has no legal recourse in how to recover that debt.

In addition there are other ways in which mcm must delete your acct. For instance, mcm is required by law to send what is called a notification of debt letter. Once the letter is received by you the consumer, you have 30 days to respond with a dispute. MCM then has to validate the account (burden of proof on mcm), if they can not do so with either a statement from the issuer, or application, they can request that media from the issuer.

IF the account is more than 7 years from the charge off date, mcm can no longer order the media and must delete the account.

If you dispute the account 30 days after the notification letter was sent, your account is outside validation, and by law the burden of proof is on you. This means, if you are claiming fraud, you must submit to mcm a police report, or other means that proves that the debt is not yours, it was previously paid etc.


A feww minutes ago I got of the phone with a person name Bruce Williams, He called me sayin that I owe them for my wife's debt, and I had to give them my credit card number or checking acount number. I told him that I was not going to give that information over a phone call that does not display a phone number to search and find out if it is a legitimate call. He was furios He started to threaten. I did not give any account number, they should have it on file.

Don't give account numbers over the phone to peple whose phone number is not displayed and you can not verify it.

That is how I came across this discussion You can also save your money and then settle a debt yourself.

Thank You

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