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they are garnishing my paycheck and won't say why! who they are?

What is going on! I am highly pissed. i got a letter to appear in court and now another letter and money starts being garnished out of my employment check stubs and i dont know what to do. can someone help me or tell me who these crazy taking from hardworking people are.

why wont they talk to you when you called them directly. why does it take for me to vent my anger out on the internet.

have you been got before by this company? let me know!

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Dbuie25: Apparently you were served a court summons to appear in court to answer their "garnishment suit" against you...and you failed to appear, resulting in a "default" judgment in the full amount of the alleged debt. Your employer would have to have a copy of the court order, and should provide you will a copy of the court's order. :eek!


I kow this will take extra time, but you might want to pull your credit reports for probable identity thief.

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