I received a letter today saying that if I paid the $100.50 out of 400.00, I would be all set. If I owed money to a credit card company, I would have received letters from them personally, before Midland Credit Management would get it.

I never owed anyone money. I feel very bad for the elderly that would fall for this. I called the company and he said that this site was a fraud! Go figure.

Anyway, they had my husband's last 4 social security numbers too.

This is very scary to see how easy they can get information on a person. I am pissed.

Thank you

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MCM has been calling my house for months trying to get money from me for my husbands first wife. My husband and I have been together for over 10 years and are not responsiable for her.

I have repeatedly told them not to call.

I have filed complaints with the do not call list and the Federal Trade Commission. Hope It works.


Harassing phone calls, repeatedly told collectors that they had the wrong person, different social security number, wrong but similar last names, MCM had the wrong person!! Received court summons , called MCM attorney that had filed and they finally agreed they had the wrong person.

So do not pay MCM, let them file, then dispute it in court. You cannot talk to these people, they do NOT listen.

Rouse Hill, New South Wales, Australia #34645

I discovered a negative entry submitted by MCM on my credit report saying that I was late in paying and that I had stiffed somebody for $535. The creditor was not identified and I had no idea whom I could have possibly owed.

MCM had never contacted me nor I them, and neither had anyone else. Fearing identity theft (presumably SOMEBODY got $535), I wrote MCM letters asking the identity of the alleged creditor and THEY NEVER ANSWERED. :? :(

I'm still baffled and my credit status is still damaged.

Lake, West Virginia, United States #32974

I had never received anything from Midland but suddenly got a summons from the local sheriff's office that I was being taken to small claims court on something that I have no idea what it is. The amount is for $3,000+.

I have refinanced my mortgage twice in the last 10 years and paid off all credit card debt at that time. Is there a phone number that can be called to find out what they are supposedly collecting?

Casper, Wyoming, United States #11869

:( I too have gotten numerous letters from MCM stating I owe Verizon Wireless 170.00. I haven't had a Verizon account for five years and haven't heard from Verizon at all ever about a late bill.

Verizon cannot tell me what it is for...MCM cannot either. ***.

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