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I have been harassed by these people who refuse to provide me with absolute proof I even own the credit card they want money for.When I tried to work with them, they refused to accept what I could pay and forced me to agree to a payment I couldn't afford.

I closed my bank account and told the caller they could accept what I could pay them each month and still pay my rent, utilities, and food. He threatened to report that I was refusing to pay, that they would sell my account and increase my balance. I requested the address to pay them directly. He said I already had it on the letters he sent me.

While telling him I had not received anything from him, he hung up on me.

I've had it with these people!I always try to pay what I owe, but they have NEVER cooperated with me and constantly make demands I cannot meet.

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#54033 are all wrong...the law states that within the first 30days of midlands purchase, if you ask for proof they(midland) must provide it...but after that 30day window...proof falls on the consumer to show that the debt is either in dispute, or has been already paid. Grow up and take care of your own business

Frustrated at MCM

They are doing the same *** to me.When asked for some sort of proof..

they get rude and hang up.:(


Just got a call from them myself same situation. I told them unless they could prove I still owed them money by sending some sort of invoice they would not get paid. Like I'm an *** and just going to give out me checking or credit card information for a bill that's been paid.

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