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Midland Credit called about my credit one credit card and wanted to make payment arrangement now I only work two days a week for New York Sports club and I am barely getting by. I told them until full time employment I can not pay right now .

The people there a very dopey and when I tell them that I can not hear them they make such stupid comments like sir there is no loud machines or sir there is no busy street and I asked them to not call me at home , until my I get more hours on my job I will not be able to pay off this card.

I find them to be very stupid don't really think before making any remarks . I am not a cheat I was out of work for along time so that is why I did not pay my bill plus both of my checking accounts were closed so I had no way to pay my credit card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Midland Credit Management Credit One Bank Debt Collection.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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And you expect them to do what? Stop calling, lose their jobs and turn up here complaining that someone wants them to pay their bills?

This is what they do, they're going to keep asking for the money until they get tired and sue you. Unless you're at your mom's, the public library etc.. You appear to be able to post online. Cut the data plan and put that money on that card before you get sued.

You think you have it bad now, wait until those 2 days are garnished. P.S. You may want to check online often(since you have the ability to get on line) to be sure you're not being sued.

A notice could have been sent to an old address. IF you don't show up, they will get a judgement against you and go wild.

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