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I had a credit card that I had not paid on since Oct 2001. MCM purchased my account some time ago, finally in May 2008 I agreed to pay 10% of the balance and it would be closed.

I paid the 10% by phone of $796.94. Last Sunday July 13, 2008 MCM called me and told me it was time to start making my $568.00 monthly payments (Aug-Dec). I said your out of your mind this account was closed in May and the conversation was recorded go back and listen to it. This past Sunday July 20, 2008 they called me again said the conversation was not recorded and they are refunding my money back to me.

I pretty much told them do what you want but Im not giving you anymore money. The guy I spoke to in May no longer works there.

What next?

Monetary Loss: $7996.

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