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I just got an email notice that my personal bank accounts had reached zero and went on line to see what happened and found that Midland Credit Management, which I have no idea who they are, wiped out all of my accounts. It is Friday night so I can't get hold of them.

Already lost a couple of thousand dollars. I even checked both mine and my wife's credit to see if there was an outstanding balance due to these people and found nothing. Who are these people? After reading some of these reviews I am extremely concerned.

I feel like this is some kind of scam. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

And if so, I would love to hear some feedback as to how you handled it an what the outcome was. I tried to call the number listed on my accounts referencing who made the withdrawls and of course they are closed.

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Oh Jeeze! I wished I had read this sooner.

I just paid them $20 online. They are a debt collection. I do owe money, so I thought it was legit. Im going to contact my bank tomorrow.

Thanks for the info. and good luck!

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