Midland credit management sent us a bill for about $2200. When I called to set up payment plans, I was told that unless I give them $250 they would not work with me.

This should be illegal. What can a conumer do? I do not have an extra $250 around and they say that if I do not give them this money, they will turn it over to an attourney which could spell big problems for me.

Does any one have any ideas of what my next cours of action should be? I have tried contacting them on several occasions to try and work things out.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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the same thing was done to me they wanted 187.00 a month in post dated checks intill the amount was paid in full and i simply could not do that i offered 50.00 a month thats what i can afford and they said nope. And a few months later i was served with a civil law suit paper stating that i need to reply to the letter within 20 days with a written response if not they would file a judement against you then about to weeks later i sent a registered certified letter papers for a production of interrolligines and had 30 days to fill that out and send to the courts and for your info if they ask for your social or workplace do not give it i guess they think were *** and will give it to them. i think the next step will be the court date and to get a very good attorney to fight them and on all of the papers that they send to you please state that you do not owe the balance thats where they get you at also a public defender had told be that hope this is knowledgeable for you and good luck because you will need lots of it.


They are not lawyers, and they cannot recommend litigation against you. This is a tactic they use to bully you into paying, because sometimes just the threat is enough.

Hang up the phone on them if they wont negotiate with you.

Sooner or later, they will work with you because they want the money and will agree to your terms. You control your finances, so don't let these *** artists swindle you.

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